Karma HDMI cables are high grade cables at prices that make sense. They are certified high speed 4k Ultra HD HDR capable for today’s TVs.

Front Projector And Screen


Sony is a world famous Japanese company with deep roots in the movie production industry and their projectors are used by many top movie theaters including Regal and Edwards Cinemas. Sony is renowned and highly respected for their video processors in their projectors. Sony also offers a true native 4K Ultra HD designed for your home theater setup


The JVC front projector has a native contrast using a unique technology with black levels that gives you a true movie theater experience in your home with rich colors and better black levels

Screen Innovations

Makers of the innovative screen that rejects light from the sides and comes in a dark gray 7 layer optical material to give the best black levels and richest color in the industry. Screen Innovations is the number one most used home theater screen by professionals.

Outdoor Tv


The industry leader in outdoor TVs used by baseball stadiums and theme parks like Knotts Berry Farm and Universal Studios. I have been selling Sunbrite TVs for over 15 years on many residential and commercial projects. These are all weather TVs that can be in direct rain and still work.



Once you start asking people and looking at opinions on the internet you quickly realize that there are as many choices of all in one remotes as there are TVs. Make no mistake that we program the finest mid priced budget remotes available that give our customers the best hassle free experience that work with your iPhone and Alexa voice.

Smart Home

Apple Smart Home

Total Apple Smart Home operation using your iPhone app or simply talk to Siri with your voice whether you are home or away. Also works with Alexa voice.

  • Imagine driving home and your garage door opens, your lights turn on, and the temperature adjusts all automatically by saying, “Hey Siri I am arriving home” with your iPhone.
  • Or imagine someone ringing your doorbell and you can see who it is from your iPhone, speak with them , and unlock the door even though you are not home.



  • Best sounding and longest lasting outdoor rock speakers.
  • Modern style malibu lighting looking outdoor speakers
  • Traditional outdoor speakers that mount by the patio cover that can take the weather and sound great with mid bass



Audio Legend Bob Carver began Sunfire in the early 1990’s revolutionizing the subwoofer in size and performance. Before subwoofers were big and bulky until Bob Carver invented the Tracking Downconvertor which allowed him to develop an amplifier for a small compact subwoofer to run cool, have audiophile sonic performance, and massive power.

Leon Speakers

Leon Speakers manufacturers custom made to order home theater speakers and solutions in the U.S.A:

  • Custom Grill cover and bracket for Sonos sound bar speaker to match the exact width and contour of your TV
  • Custom home theater LCR (left, center, right) speaker bar to exact width of your TV when used with a traditional surround receiver like Onkyo.

Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology was founded in 1990 by audio industry legend Sandy Gross. They are a highly awarded and recognized speaker company across the world.

  • They are owned by the same company that owns also Polk Audio, Denon, Marantz, and Boston Acoustics.
  • Definitive Technology’s claim to fame is for their renowned floor standing and bookshelf home theater speakers at medium price points that are a fraction of the price of higher end speakers.
  • The sonic even tones of their speakers give a consistent real concert like performance without the harshness that you get from other brands that focus on loudness.

DaVinci Audio

DaVinci Audio makes the affordable audiophile hidden in-wall/ in-ceiling speakers for home theater and music throughout the house designed in U.S.A.

  • With a wide range of choices from better, best, and ultimate combined with white paintable designer trim less speaker covers you will be sure to find something in your budget.
  • DaVinci backs up their performance speakers with a lifetime warranty.
  • DaVinci speakers was originally formed by people who were involved with producing speakers for other well known companies when this style of speaker was invented.

Surround Receivers


Onkyo has been around for over 70 years and is owned by legendary Gibson Guitar in the U.S.A.
Onkyo surround receivers have a great built quality and have the highest value of options for connections and settings for the price. They also have a one touch on and off compatibility with Apple TV to make things simple.
The latest technology with Dolby Atmos, 4k Ultra HD with HDR chipsets, and customization for different room types also come included.



Sony is a world famous Japanese company with deep roots in the movie production industry and consumer TVs. Sony is renowned and highly respected for their award winning video processors in their TVs and attention to detail in design. If sports, Netflix, and gaming is important to you then Sony video processors, triluminos displays for extended deep color range, and LED lighting system dominates the medium price points that most people buy. If price is not the issue but rather having the ultimate videophile picture is what is most important to you then think of Sony OLED 4k TVs. Sony OLED TVs are the finest TVs money can buy.


Samsung TVs are known for their great picture and feature packed smart tv options. Just like Sony and LG on their TVs, Samsung also offers QLED (Quantum Dot) panel technology on their higher model TVs. Quantum Dot produces more red, green, and blue light for a better picture quality.


LG brought a long awaited new generation powerhouse technology that combines the benefits of Plasma Elite TVs and LED LCD TVs into one TV called OLED. LG is the only manufacturer of OLED panels for large size TVs and we offer their full lineup. OLED is used on high end iPhones and Samsung phones for the best reproduction of colors and true blacks.

Whole House Audio

Whole House Audio

World famous Sonos whole house wireless audio system that is made for people who want things to just work and be simple for the whole family to be able to use. Sonos not only created the whole house wireless audio category in 2002, they also dominant 93% of the market share with their patented technologies. Sonos works with iPhone, iPad, Samsung smartphone, and other brands as well. Play your Apple Music, Pandora, Sirius XM, FM / AM Radio , Amazon Music, Spotify, TV channels around the house , and more

Internet App TV

Apple TV

Apple TV 4K HDR

  • Replaces your Cable/ Satellite box and lowers your bill
  • Watch TV channels using Directv Now, Spectrum, Sling TV, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, Playstation Vue, or CBS All Access
  • Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, or iTunes Movies
  • Show family photos and videos from your iPhone without wires to your TV
  • Used as Apple Smart Home Hub
  • Simple one remote for TV channels, all apps, and volume


Wi Fi Internet

Eero Wi Fi Internet

Having reliable Wi-Fi internet coverage is important for iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, Windows Surface, TVs, Music systems, and smart home devices.

  • Eero uses the latest Mesh Networking Technology to cover homes from upstairs to downstairs and one side of the house to the another in a simple seamless way that just works.
  • We can also program profiles for the parents and the kids separately so that when its time for bed you can shut off the internet for the kids without affecting the parents internet.
  • We also install automatic internet monitors to make sure that when the internet goes down everything is automatically rebooted without you having to do anything.