Project Videos

OLED 4k TV and Sonos ARC Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 surround sound system

Simple to use custom installation with hidden wires of 4K OLED TV connected with Apple TV 4K and Sonos Dolby Atmos surround sound system. Stream TV channels, Spectrum, YouTube TV, Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, HBO Max, Discovery Plus, and so much more. Use one Apple remote control to turn on/off, volume, and switch TV shows.

Wi Fi Internet

Eero Pro Wi Fi Mesh Network for today’s smart home.
Provides a reliable fast performance because all of the wi fi antennas are hardwired throughout the house.

Ring Cameras with Alexa Smart Home

Ring outdoor cameras working with the Alexa smart home display Echo Show.
Ring Alarm and Ring cameras all work together with Alexa smart home and your iPhone whether you are home or away.

Outdoor TV and Audio

Outdoor TV and speakers options. Take a look at the different outdoor style speakers.
Use Alexa voice to control the system and play music in the backyard.

Alexa Smart Lights

Using Alexa Voice or Siri you can control your smart home lights around your house.
Change existing switches or dimmers to make them smart. You can customize the amount you add in your house from 1 to 75.

Pull Down TV Bracket over fireplace

TV install over the fireplace where you can pull down the TV lower to watch it at a comfortable height

Pre-wiring In-Ceiling Speakers

Pre Wiring in-ceiling speakers properly and using the correct type to get the look and sound for the room.

TV and Audio installation including drywall repair and painting

Sony 65″ OLED 4k TV with a Sonos ARC Dolby Atmos sound bar speaker custom installation in the Primary Bedroom.

Sonos Wireless Portable Speaker

Sonos Move portable rechargeable speaker with Alexa, Google, and Airplay2 built in.
Also has Bluetooth to take with you on the go!

Alexa Smart Home understands Spanish and English

If you have Spanish speaking parents and English speaking kids you can both use Alexa Smart Home at the same time.